Italian Chopped Salad

I love salads, but I especially love salads in the summer. A big hearty salad makes a great dinner. With inspiration from this recipe for “Super Italian Chopped Salad,” I made just that – a big hearty salad – for dinner on Thursday night.


In the mix:

      • romaine
      • green pepper
      • kalamata olives
      • pepper jack cheese cubes
      • pepperoni, salami, ham
      • chickpeas
      • tomatoes



The dressing was a simple homemade vinaigrette consisting of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper.

After dinner, I was sooo tired from staying up late the night before, for the Evans Blue show at the Blind Pig. Somehow I dragged my butt into gear and went for a one mile walk with the huz followed by a 2.25 mile run on my own. I have no idea where that energy came from. Sometimes you just have to go do it to make it happen, amirite?

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4 thoughts on “Italian Chopped Salad

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