Three-Bean Soup

Tonight I made Three-Bean Soup, using garbanzo, white northern, and kidney beans (my favorite). I really wish I had added some ham to it. I realized after I tried my first bite that I hadn’t let it simmer long enough (carrots still had too much bite to them). I also don’t like the amount of water the recipe called for, I think it watered down the broth too much. So I added more salt (so much for buying low-sodium chicken broth) and THYME, my favorite miracle spice I add to everything, and let the pot continue to simmer (and evaporate more of that water) and the second bowl was a lot better. We agreed that this soup is worth of a 3.75 out of 5 stars rating. A big plus is that it is super healthy. I served it with crusty chunks of baguette dipped in peppered olive oil. Good warm meal for a snowy day I guess. It made sooooo much – who wants to come help me eat it?



 (The recipe can be found at:

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