Tempeh Hippie Breakfast ft. special guest La Hanna

Tempeh Hippie Breakfast:

Last night, post-Pig, J.Hanna and I hit up the Fleetwood Diner. This is EXACTLY want I wanted to eat:

<–Two scrambled eggs (please tell me how to make scrambled eggs as fluffy as theirs??), delicious rye toast, and a big side of hippie hash. That rye toast was awesome – none of that bland seedless stuff. I appreciate a diner that serves up nice, caraway seed-filled rye, with a nice soft buttery middle and crunchy crust. Slathered it with grape jelly, my standard. This was perfect, and I’ve been craving it today.

Here is what she got:

<–French toast and bacon. And Sprite. AND… she didn’t want the bacon. Told me to eat it. WHAT! So clearly, I devoured a piece. J.Hanna made a brief exit, (during which I drank a good part of her undrunk Sprite) and upon her return was ready to go, and after a few more minutes of stuffing my face with food, we left. Naturally, I grabbed a bacon slice to go, but one got left behind.

I am in complete and utter regret that food was left on our plates, because I was ravenously hungry. AND… the biggest sin of all time, for which I will never forgive her, she wasted bacon. There was a nice, big, thick, salty, curly slice left on her plate when we left. The whole cab ride home I was thinking of it, and I even was thinking of it all night everytime I woke up. Next time I will have to visit this fine establishment with someone who can fully appreciate the amazingness that is perfectly-cooked bacon.

Should’ve stuffed that piece in my wristlet…

(Pics courtesy of my iPhone.. sorry about the quality [or lack thereof]).

8 thoughts on “Tempeh Hippie Breakfast ft. special guest La Hanna

  1. Forget you!! You drank my sprite???? I didn’t even notice!! Ew! Yes, well, next time I’ll order a whole side of bacon for you. Oh, and to make eggs fluffy, you add milk. I’ve asked restaurants before. I’m amazing.

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