Today’s Life Lesson in Food

Today I learned, the difficult way, that I am never eating food containing (large quantities of) inulin again. 😦 Worst stomachache everrrrr. Stupid Kashi GoLean.

What is inulin? Well, well my friend. Here’s what our friends at Wikipedia have to say about it:

“Inulin is increasingly used in processed foods because it has unusually adaptable characteristics. Its flavour ranges from bland to subtly sweet (approx. 10% sweetness of sugar/sucrose). It can be used to replace sugar, fat, and flour. This is particularly advantageous because inulin contains a quarter to a third of the of sugar or other carbohydrates and a ninth to a sixth of the food energy of fat. While inulin is a versatile ingredient, it also has health benefits. …. The consumption of large quantities (particularly by sensitive or unaccustomed individuals) can lead to gas and bloating, and products which contain inulin will sometimes include a warning to add it gradually to one’s diet.”

Maybe that’s TMI, but I just had the worst cramps ever all day. Stay away from this stuff!

Epic fail.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Life Lesson in Food

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