Beef Burgundy

Today I made one of my favorites: Beef Burgundy. Except, I actually have never made it with Burgundy wine (the recipe has the option of using beef broth or Burgundy), I always have used broth, though I imagine wine would be quite tasty too. Mixed this up in the crockpot this morning before my dentist appointment: beef stew meat chunks, low-sodium beef broth, can of golden mushroom soup, carrots, onion, tons of halved button mushrooms, thyme (my favorite spice/herb), and black pepper. The recipe also calls for the addition of quick-cooking tapioca, which is what thickens up all the delicious juices and makes a thick gravy. Six hours later, I cooked up some egg noodles and served the stew over it:



After this savory meal, for a sweet treat Tom and I hit up Fruigurt and got these babies. Tom’s is the back one, Georgia Peach fro-yo in a waffle bowl, and mine is the front chocolate fro-yo topped with raspberries and pineapple, and we both got a bit of the granola-y topping. Mine was amazing! I still can’t believe how affordable Fruigurt is, and how something so delicious can be fat free and only 90 calories per half cup of fro-yo. YUM!


Looking back at that dinner portion, it was pretty outta control.. But in my defense, after this week’s Kashi Incident, I opted out of breakfast, and only had a few chunks of fruit and one of these cheese sticks for lunch (oh… I may have had a little cookie at the dentist’s office too while I was waiting for Tom to finish…!): Pepper Jack cheese sticks!! Genius! Anyone who knows me knows that I loooove pepper jack cheese. I’ve been pretty obsessed with these guys the last few weeks.


I also hit up Whole Foods tonight for some new cereal (a lower fiber kind!), so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow 🙂 I think I might go make some Chai (another of my night’s purchases) now.

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