Nasi Goreng

Nothing too crazy tonight, just fried rice, or Nasi Goreng in Indonesian. There’s kind of a funny story behind this though. In 7th grade we had like an “international food day” or something like that, and this is what my junior high-self made to represent Indonesia. I used to cook this all the time for dinner growing up, but somehow, for the past several years the recipe has been lost, but recently my mom found it and mailed it to me! So tonight I made it, with a few alterations (mostly addition of extra veggies). It includes:

  • white rice
  • soy sauce
  • brown sugar
  • onion and garlic, and extra handful of frozen multicolor peppers
  • peas and broccoli
  • strips of cooked egg
  • shredded strips of baked chicken (leftover from dinner last night)
  • chopped peanuts

Pretty simple, but I can eat platefuls of this stuff. It made tons, so I will have lots of leftovers for lunch this week. The picture itsn’t the most appetizing, but it was indeed tasty; though the rice was a bit too sticky for my taste. I added more soy sauce after I took this pic, however.

Does anyone have tips for cooking non-sticky rice for dishes like this? I used extra long grain white rice.

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