Sangria, Cookies, and Popcorn

Yay for the weekend! Saturday J.H came down to Ann Arbor and in preparation, I whipped up some White Peach Sangria, consisting of: 1 bottle Pinot Grigio, 1/2 c. peach schnapps, and cut-up fruit (orange, lemon, lime, sometimes I add peaches too, but they’re so expensive right now). Then I top of each glass with some pop, either ginger ale or Sprite. I made this several times last summer, but haven’t had it since then. The warm weather last week had me hankering for it.


I also got some ambition to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch this weekend. YUM! I used to bake ALL the time when I was younger, but not so much the last few years. Forgot how much fun it was to eat raw cookie dough 🙂

Then J.H and I got ready and went to The Bang!, enjoying some popcorn at the Pig pre-fist pumping.  My biceps are sore from all the ferocious fist pumping.

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