Cajun Chicken Pasta II, Box of Goodness II, Goulash

I haven’t made anything all that interesting for the last few days, but I do have a few pictures I’ve taken. I think I’ll work from backwards, starting with the most recent!

Since it was soooo good the first time I made it, I wanted to make Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta again, with a couple minor changes! First I mixed up my own Cajun Seasoning with these spices:

Next I coated the chicken in the Cajun Seasoning, and sauteed it in a little butter:

After adding and sauteing some fresh sliced mushrooms for a couple minutes, I then added in the creamy sauce ingredients: (fat-free) half & half, basil, garlic powder, black pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, and parmesan cheese, and simmered with a little corn starch until the sauce thickened. This time I stirred in a few frozen peas, and then topped each plate with chopped green onions. Voila! It was super spicy and delicious:


Previous to round II of Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta was round II of a box of goodness from Whole Foods (living across the street from Whole Foods just makes this so tempting to get for dinner after working all day). Very similar to my last “box of goodness,” but I got more sweet potatoes and couscous this time (and a tiny container of mac ‘n cheese – couldn’t resist). Mmmm love those artichoke hearts too:

Sunday nights Tom usually cooks dinner, and this week he made Bobby Deen’s Goulash (Food Network’s Paula Deen’s son, for those who aren’t Food Net savvy), which is something he’s made a couple times before (with rave reviews from me!), with a few ‘tweaks’ to the original recipe, which apparently are secret because he won’t really tell me what. Served it up with some steamed asparagus (coated in a little butter, salt, black pepper) and a piece of garlic bread. Nice work, hubby:

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