Posted in March 2010

Beef Burgundy

Today I made one of my favorites: Beef Burgundy. Except, I actually have never made it with Burgundy wine (the recipe has the option of using beef broth or Burgundy), I always have used broth, though I imagine wine would be quite tasty too. Mixed this up in the crockpot this morning before my dentist … Continue reading

Today’s Life Lesson in Food

Today I learned, the difficult way, that I am never eating food containing (large quantities of) inulin again. ­čśŽ Worst stomachache everrrrr.┬áStupid Kashi GoLean. What is inulin? Well, well my friend. Here’s what our friends at Wikipedia have to say about it: “Inulin is increasingly used in processed foods because it has unusually adaptable characteristics. … Continue reading

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

Amazing!! I found this recipe for Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta at, and after seeing 900+ reviews raving about it, decided to try it. It did not disappoint! It may look like a simple alfredo dish but it was super spicy and bursting with flavor. I sauteed chicken chunks that were coated in hot, cayenne … Continue reading