Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia

Thursday night Tom cooked (for the first time in while…), and we had parmesan-crusted tilapia (and rice). Normally I *try* to serve at least one green veggie (or just a veggie) with dinner, but for lunch I had a huge-a$$ veggied-filled spring salad at Sidetrack in Ypsi (so nice to sit and eat outside in 75 degree sunny weather!), so I wasn’t really feeling it for dinner.  The tilapia is coated with some ritz crackers, seasoning, and parmesan cheese. I knew I probably should have bought the real actual parmesan cheese (it’s so expensive! but I think it would’ve added a lot to the flavor) but I was a cheapo and we just used that Kraft powder parmesan crap. They did turn a lovely golden brown, and were tasty with lemon squeezed over them.

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