Fried Pickles and Black Bean Tacos

Saturday it was a little windy but it was so nice and sunny out, that I really wanted to eat outside, so we went to Sidetrack in Ypsi Depot Town for dinner. Our meal started with a basket of beer-battered pickles with ranch. Yum!! Why do I ALWAYS burn my mouth EVERY single time I eat fried pickles, anywhere. You would think I’d learn. But it was so worth it.

My dinner: Black Bean Tacos. They have the best black bean burger in the world here, I wish you could see it, but it’s hidden in the tortillas (in addition to my recent smoothie kick, I’ve also been on a ‘meatless’ kick too). Ground Black Bean Burger with cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes & black olives in two tortilla shells, with fresh salsa and sour cream. I also had some fantastic sweet potato fries. This was so amazingly good, I don’t know how it was only $7.95.

Tom’s plate: Pulled Pork Sandwich, and Sweet Potato Fries. I may have had an ever-so-tiny taste of the pork, so placing this post in the “Meatless Meals” category is slightly deceiving; yum!

This mini train barreled by us while we were eating. 🙂

Dessert. OMG. Chocolate Cheesecake made in the little bakery down the street. Heaven 🙂

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