Veggie Omelet

Finally getting this blog caught up, and finally here is a post with today’s food! So… as may have been inferred, I am a big fan of omelets, but I have never attempted to make one myself. I found myself with all the ingredients I needed to make one today, so I decided to try it out for myself.

The omelet begain with two eggs plus one extra egg white and a splash of half and half, and salt and pepper beaten in a bowl. I poured it into a hot skillet sprayed with cooking spray and let it cook and gently lifted up the edges and tried to let the uncooked portion spill underneath so it would cook. Eventually it was time to flip it over, which actually did work, but wasn’t perfect looking, but much less disastrous than expected! I put my filling on one half of the egg, which included mushroom, red onion, red pepper, spinach, and shredded cheddar, and then kinda tried to fold it in half, and let it cook until the cheese melted and the spinach melted. I put a spoonful of salsa on top before I gobbled it up too.

This was much more successful than anticipated! It was so good, I have to say. Better than some I’ve had at restaurants, though a little messier. All tastes the same though!

This was followed up a mug of Chai, with plenty of milk, despite my discovery of this devasting news a few days ago (though it is apparently old news). Devastating because I drink tea with milk in it basically daily. Oh well.

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