Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Spinach and Couscous with Feta

Tonight I was fending for myself only for dinner, so I cooked myself whatever I wanted…Oh snap! …And apparently what I wanted was a black bean burger and couscous. The definite winner of the meal was the Black Bean Burger. First I sauteed onion, garlic, frozen corn, and cumin in a little EVOO. I then added a small can of salsa verde until warm. This mixture was added to a bowl containing a can of black beans and smashed up a bit… it said to mash with a stick blender.. I don’t know what that is, nor do I have one, so I just used the bottom of a cup! Into this bowl I then added a couple spoonfuls of red salsa, chili powder, flour, and breadcrumbs. Then I shaped the “dough” into four big patties, though tonight I only browned up one of them in a skillet. Once the patty was browned up, I served it on one of those new 100 calorie whole wheat “slimwiches” buns, which was toasted, and topped it with pepper jack cheese, banana peppers, salsa verde, miracle whip, and lettuce (I also sprinkled more cumin on the patty after tasting it… I love me some cumin). So delicious! My one concern was that they might be dry but it was not at all! Very moist actually. Loved it!! And I have enough left to make three more meals! Exclamation Points!!!!! Look at that beauty:

Spinach Couscous with Feta Cheese: My side dish left something to be desired however. I sauteed up half a pound of slice button mushrooms, onion, garlic until tender, and then added juice from a lemon and oregano. Next I added in several big handfuls of baby spinach leaves and left on the heat just until wilted. I prepared the organic whole wheat couscous in vegetable broth and then added it to the veggie mixture and mixed it all together, and topped it with feta. I took a few bites and it was just bland, so I liberally spinkled on more oregano (I must like bolder flavors than the average person or something…) and feta; and actually some salsa verde! The mushrooms were the best part, which I picked out of the blandish couscous. However, it was a healthy dish and sufficed. Won’t be making this couscous again though. I have enough leftovers for an army or two though… :-/

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