Tortellini Soup

For tonight’s dinner, Tortellini Soup was on the menu. So, don’t laugh, but I didn’t understand why it was actually called Holiday Tortellini Soup; why “holiday”? But ahhhh, now I see. Check out these colors:

Also had a mini loaf of my new fave take ‘n bake breads. Meijer didn’t have any of the Asiago cheese loaves, but I got Cheddar Paesano.

To make the soup, I cooked a few slices of diced bacon in my pan until the fat rendered, then added a chopped onion and three cloves of minced garlic. Next I added a huge container (48 oz) of low-sodium chicken broth, two cans of (no salt added) diced tomatoes, and Italian seasoning, and let the pot simmer for a few minutes. Lastly I added in the cheese tortellini, which I had heated in a separate pan of boiling water, and a whole big 10 oz. bag of spinach. Scrumptious.

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