Broccoli-Ham Macaroni

Comfort food! But “lighter” comfort food. I made this recipe, Broccoli-Ham Macaroni, featured in an article about “lightened up” dishes, which was in the Apr/May ’10 issue of Taste of Home. The dish contains a head of broccoli, sweet red pepper, onion, fresh parsley, ham, and the cheese sauce is skim milk thickened with a little flour and butter, with sharp cheddar, dijon mustard, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and pepper. Into this I added cooked pasta shells, and poured it all into two casserole dishes (I need a bigger one!), topped with bread crumbs and baked them.

Enough for a couple dinners, at least.

Lunches from this week:

 Salad and couscous from Whole Foods.

Falafel wrap from Whole Foods:

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