Thai Volcano at Siam Square

Last night I was wanting to try out a new place for dinner, and Tom was on a kick for Thai, so we agreed on Siam Square, an Ann Arbor Thai restaurant hidden in a hotel on Washtenaw Ave (reviews referring to the hotel as the "murder motel" were intimidating, but most of the reviews I read for the actual restaurant were positive).

We weren’t especially adventurous when it came to ordering our food, but I credit that to the fact that it was our first time here, and we didn’t really know what to expect. To start out, we got an order of Crab Rangoon, served nice and hot, and presented on this ornate pedestal platter. While this wasn’t the most generous portion size, these babies were stuffed full of the delicious creamy crab filling, unlike the crab rangoon found at many places where the won ton wrapper makes up most of each bite. These were dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce.

For my entree, I ordered one of the "house specialties," the "Thai Volcano," (below) which consisted of "golden brown salmon [battered] on a bed of steamed broccoli, cabbage, and carrots. topped with special crushed peanut sauce" and was served with steamed rice. I loved this! The presentation was once again very pretty, on another pedestal platter. The peanut sauce was savory and delicious, mildy sweet, yet not overwhelming peanutty, with hints of orange and ginger. The salmon was fantastic. Tom ordered "Siam Peanut Noodles," which were flat noodles in a(n extremely gingery) peanut sauce with beef. His dish was way too gingery for my taste buds, but Tom said he liked it. I’m glad I got my Thai Volcano 🙂


The ambiance in this place was really unique. The whole place was filled to the brim with various ornate wood carvings. We went relatively early because we were planning to catch "How to Tame Your Dragon" in IMAX 3D afterward, but I can imagine this place would be even cuter inside later in the evening. Since it was somewhat uncrowded when we first arrived, we actually got our own little "room" with a booth inside, which I loved! Difficult to capture the ambiance from my iPhone camera, but here is a picture taken from inside our little ‘haven.’

Our little room had this wooden lantern in it, and a lotus flower. The table cloth was embroidered in an elephant pattern.

Overall, the service here was very (glacially) slow, but kind. The ambiance was one-of-kind. The food might be hit-or-miss… mine was great, Tom’s was not (in my opinion), but I might go back to this Siam Square if for nothing other than it’s uniqueness.

Siam Square on Urbanspoon

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