Salads, falafel, and tea; oh my.

This is a “catch-up” post for some eats over the last few days.

Delicious salad with romaine, cukes, red pepper, red onion, broccoli, feta:

Falafel fail. I LOVE falafel. I did NOT love this recipe. So BLAND. But it only cost me $1.67 to make ($.67 for chickpeas and $1 for pitas) and I had everything else on hand, so no big loss. I used this falafel recipe, which was an epic fail, at least taste-wise.

Even a splash of my tahini-esque Goddess dressing couldn’t save this pita. Yes, even some of my cooking endeavors are occasionally fails, I must admit. Decreasing the amount of meat I eat and trying out new meatless recipes is a learning process, I suppose.

Hands-down the best Spinach & Artichoke dip ever (at Sidetrack)! Super rich, thick, and savory!:

Super delicious and spicy Black Bean Burger deluxe with Sweet Potato Fries (dipped in a horseradish [eh…] sauce which I doused with hot sauce). I may be addicted to Sidetrack’s black bean burger (see what I ordered last time?) . I couldn’t even resist taking a couple noms outta this guy before photographing:

To me, the first sign of summer is: Cold Brew! I drink ridiculous amounts of this all summer long. Oh cold brew- how I’ve missed thee. It’s been far too long.

Baby greens salad with berries.

And there you have it! A few highlights (and “low-“lights [ahem, falafel, ahem] from the past few days).

2 thoughts on “Salads, falafel, and tea; oh my.

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