Ahmo’s Falafel Plate

As you may have seen in a recent post, not longer ago I tried making falafel myself and it was quite a fail. The huz m recently tried Ahmo’s and liked it, and I have never been; so, tonight we decided to go for dinner so I could get my falafel fix (and the huz his gyro fix).  I was really impressed. I got all this food for $7.99! And it was all really tasty. I had a Greek salad with feta, tomato, kalamata olives, beets, and a pepperoncini (yum) for good measure. On my plate I had pillowy warm pita triangles, a nice sized scoop of hummus, five falafel which were crispy on the outside and moist and hot once  smushed (have always wondered what makes them green inside? simply parsley?), and rice with lentils. Everything was super tasty and very filling.

For dessert, we each got a piece of baklava. To die for! Oh my goodness. Heaven. We’ll definitely be returning to Ahmo’s.

Ahmo's Gyros & Deli on Urbanspoon

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