Potbelly’s Chicken Salad Salad and Max & Erma’s Fajitas

And the weekend eating-out begins. Friday for lunch I had this Chicken Salad Salad from Potbelly’s (with their sweet fat-free vinaigrette). It tasted good, but unfortunately did not agree with my stomach for some reason.

Friday night the gluttony begins. Tom had a insistent hankering for nachos, so we got these from Max & Erma’s. Pretty good. I prefer a queso or cheese sauce/dip on my nachos, as opposed to melted cheese, but still tasty. Hard to screw up nachos.

For my dinner, I ordered fajitas. I don’t know why I ordered fajitas after nachos… pretty similar with the whole cheese/salsa/guac/cheese/tortilla flavors, but still good. I ordered them with chicken and steak, on a whim, but the chicken was better. They arrived still sizzling to our table. There were enough to take some home for Saturday’s lunch, too; always a bonus. Tom had a buffalo chicken sandwich and tortilla soup.

Max & Erma’s is typically a crowd pleaser, but doesn’t have the most creative menu.

Max & Erma’s: Max & Erma's on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Potbelly’s Chicken Salad Salad and Max & Erma’s Fajitas

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