Honey Ginger Soy Salmon

Today I got back on my healthy eating track, more or less, after a few indulgences Friday and Saturday. I marinated the salmon in a mixture of Soy Sauce, Rice Vinegar, Grated Ginger root, and Honey (based on this recipe) for 15 minutes, and then broiled it for around 9-10 minutes. Once cooked through, the salmon was then topped with an extra spoonful of reserved sauce (don’t worry, it was set aside and didn’t touch the raw salmon!). What a delicious marinade! Simple, tasty, and healthy!

I also steamed up come broccoli and carrots and made a small batch of homemade cheese sauce (1/2% milk, margarine, cornstarch, salt and pepper, and a Kraft single).

Yup, we enjoyed our salmon and veggies with some Parmesan & Romano Rice-a-Roni. Not gonna lie, I love me some Rice-a-Roni. 🙂 Sometimes it’s nice to just make something quick and easy. Perfect dinner!

4 thoughts on “Honey Ginger Soy Salmon

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