Five-Cheese Gnocchi

Holy heck, tonight’s dinner was good. Even Tom gave his seal of approval for this meatless dish (even though he had tilapia with dinner, so he didn’t go completely meatless.) But honestly, how can you go wrong with gnocchi?

The recipe I found is called Six-Cheese Gnocchi Parmesan, but my version only had five cheeses (sorry). But actually, the original recipe calls for “shredded 6-cheese Italian blend” cheese PLUS ricotta… Isn’t that SEVEN cheeses? Fail.

But anyway, rather than use the “6-cheese blend,” I grated the block of Monterey Jack I had on hand and also mixed in about 1/4 cup of a grated blend of Parmesan-Romano-Asiago cheeses that I had in the fridge. A half a tub of low-fat ricotta cheese was also mixed in. On top of these cheeses I placed several huge handfuls of fresh baby spinach. Next, I removed the gnocchi from the boiling water in which it cooked for a few minutes beforehand, placed it on top of the spinach, and covered the bowl long enough to wilt the spinach. I layered this cheese, spinach, and gnocchi mixture in a baking dish with a garden-style tomato spaghetti sauce and a bit more shredded cheese, and baked for 15 minutes. Simply divine.

(I cut the original recipe in half, and this is what 1.5 servings looks like).

2 thoughts on “Five-Cheese Gnocchi

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