Weekend of eats in Flushing

Spent Friday evening through Sunday at my parents’ house, and Saturday night we had Gina’s Pizza. For my half, I picked out mushroom, onion, and pineapple; great combination. I definitely had more than just this one piece.

My mom also made one of my faves, homemade ham and bean soup, the night before:

Saturday got some coffee at the mall..

I took the leftover soup back to my place, and Sunday night got this salad from WF to accompany the soup.

Found this huge bowl of veggies for $3.81! Score! Plan to dip these in hummus for my night-time snacks this week:

Given what a huge food blog phenomenon “overnight oats” are, I decided I must try them. I went extremely simple for my first try. I simply added 1/2 cup rolled oats and 1/2 cup milk to a bowl with some frozen blueberries, and let the bowl sit in the fridge overnight. Many people make theirs with yogurt as well, which I would like to try (but all I have are weird flavors like Greek chocolate, lemon, and maple on hand… actually.. maple would probably be really good in this! With brown sugar?). The idea of cold oats sounds kind of odd, but I enjoyed them, and think they would be especially good on hot summer days.

Exciting news from my kitchen! You may or may not have noticed from past entries, that the range that came with our house only has TWO burners (the other half is an indoor grill which kind of freaks me out.) Yes, that’s right, all of the things that have been posted in this blog so far which have been cooked by me have been prepared on TWO burners (quite the challenge sometimes!). We considered getting a new range, until we learned that it was a Jenn-Air, which is more high-end, and it does work quite well. BUT… now I think I will keep this range around for a while..! My dad somehow came across a panel of two burners that go in this stove, and it turns out the grill part is removable, and you can add two more burners!!! Success!

Tonight for dinner, I again made Honey Ginger Soy Salmon (despite my massive headache), since it was SO good last week when I made it. Check out all the burners! (However, I broiled the salmon).


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