Spicy Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Cheese

Let me preface this post by saying that I am an EPIC FAIL.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about tonight’s new dinner recipe, Spicy Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Cheese. I do like poblano peppers, and tonight was my first (and possibly last..) time cooking with them myself. I first placed 4 halved and seeded poblano chilies (gloveless – fail #1) skin side up in a pan and broiled until the skin darkened. After being removed from the oven, the chilies were promptly placed (gloveless – fail #2) in a zip-top plastic bag for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I mixed up a filling of chopped cooked chicken, shredded sharp cheddar, frozen corn, chopped onion, chopped zucchini, chopped red bell pepper, salt, cumin, paprika, black pepper, garlic, and salsa.

The poblanos were now steamed and cool enough to handle, so I removed them (gloveless – fail #3) and peeled off the skin (gloveless – fail #4). Next, the poblanos were placed in a baking dish, sprinkled with a few crushed tortilla chips, topped with the chicken and cheese filling, and then sprinkled with a few additional crushed tortilla chips. Finally they were ready to be baked for about 20 minutes. Here are three halves, plated up, cashing out at only around 500 calories for this huge plate! Not bad.

Spicy Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Cheese

These were very tasty and satisfying! The dollop of light sour cream really made them. Tom said they tasted “authentic.” Love it when I try a new healthy recipe and it’s GOOD!

Now for the fail… Okay, yes, I KNOW you are supposed to wear gloves when handling peppers. I know, I know, I know this. But… so I always handle pickled jalapenos and banana peppers bare-handed and have never had a problem. And tonight I was thinking, eh, poblanos, they are mild, they just remind me of a bell pepper, I’ll be fine.


My hand is on FIRE. 😮 It felt like my fingers were in boiling water. I don’t dare remove my contacts! I did pour millk over my hand which only temporarily helped (I think it was just because of the chilly sensation). I googled some remedies, and tried wearing sour cream on my hand for several minutes. This provided immediate relief, but the burning came back after removing the sour cream, so I think the relief mostly stemmed from the fact the sour cream felt chilly. AHHHH.  It’s been over an hour now, so either as a result of the ibuprofen I’ve taken, the sour cream, from time passing, or just becoming accustomed to the burning, it’s not quite so bad anymore.

Regardless of the fail, this was a very delicious dinner! I may try making it again, but I need to get some gloves like WHOA!!!

6 thoughts on “Spicy Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Cheese

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