Friday Night Buffalo Shrimp, Wine, and Cupcakes

Today I had this delicious and low-cal lunch, to counterbalance last night’s indulgences (to follow!). A Morningstar Black Bean Burger with a little monterey jack cheese, red onion, tomatoes, romaine, banana peppers, and Miracle Whip on one slice of toasted whole wheat bread and some organic strawberries. Pretty pretty!

Black Bean Burger on Toasted Wheat Bread with Strawberries

 Even though JH & I ate at Mongolian BBQ last week, it was so good I was craving it all week. I finally got my Buffalo sauce fix with my final plate (#3!) last night (actually this is Tom’s plate, as his was more photogenic than mine; our third plates were identical, except mine was a bit smaller than this!). Buffalo Shrimp!   

Buffalo Shrimp Stir-Fry at Mongolian Barbeque

 Dinner was followed by a bit of running around town picking up some things, and some of those things included cupcakes and wine! 

Cupcakes from Cupcake Station and a glass of Merlot (x2)

 We got a Samoa cupcake and a Carrot Cake cupcake, and we each had half of each one. The Carrot Cake was definitely the winner, but the toasted coconut on the Samoa one was quite excellent!  

Station's Samoa and What's Up Doc from The Cupcake Station

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