Tale of the OMELET!

Omelet with zucchini, red onion, tomato, red bell pepper, mushrooms, and sharp cheddar.

To say last night was a rough night would be an understatement. A little before 11:00 pm,  just minding my own business, watching a movie, sipping some wine, hearing the rain pour down, then the flippin’ tornado alarms went off. It sounded pretty hardcore outside, so we decided to go chill in the basement for a while. So we were chilling for about 20 minutes, snacking on cheez-its and what not, listening to the sump pump do ‘er business, until Tom decided to go take a look at it and make sure everything was okay. “We’re flooding!” I hear from the utility room. Shizzz. Go look, yup, there is water pouring in through the dang window in there. So I bolted up two flights of stairs to the loft to grab every towel we own (almost dying on the way back down) and we spread them all around the area. The tornado warning was now a watch, so Tom went outside in the dark to see if he could figure out what was going on. I was left with the task of wringing out towels. It occurred to me that I really needed to stop the water from getting to the floor, and I looked around and found an old roasting pan down there. I held it up to the wall and was able to catch maybe 60% of the water flooding into the room with the pan. After Tom returned, the flooding was just as bad, possibly worse, and we took shifts holding the pan up to the wall and wringing out the towels. I really wanted to solve the problem from the outside, and suggested possibly filling the holes around the backyard (dug by random critters) with a bag of Miracle-Gro soil I’d recently purchased (which ended up being a total waste of $5.47 – fail). So Tom ventured back out while I stayed in, trying to capture as much water as possible. Tom came back in, and, as the rain slowed, the flooding finally stopped. Yay! So off we went, back to our business.   

Well, not 15-20 minutes later, the freaking tornado warning alarm is going off AGAIN and the rain is pummeling down. Back down to the basement. Yup, flooding uncontrollably again, in through the same freakin’ window. We again start of taking shifts between holding the pan up to the wall and wringing out towels. This goes on until about 1:30 AM or so! Finally, I’m like, okay, so how long do we do this? It’s supposed to rain all night. At what point do we stop? We have to figure out some solution. (My mindset pretty much progressed through these stages [in order] during the night: PANIC, FEAR, ANGER, HILARITY, SADNESS, PISSED, EXHAUSTED, ACCEPTANCE, PURE ADRENALINE.) So there is a small drain in front of the furnace, about 10 feet away from the source of the leak, and the floor is angled somewhat downward to that drain. I suggest creating a pathway for the water to flow into the drain, since we are just not catching enough. We found some bricks in the basement left by the previous owner (I wouldn’t doubt that they were for this same purpose!), and started to create a barrier out of them to try to make the water flow toward the drain (and NOT toward the washer/dryer, which was where it wanted to go). We also used some wooden bowls and baking dishes to build the barrier wall, with a secondary layer of towels (pretty intense). The bricks were the most effective, so Tom scrambled outside (scantily clad this time! hahaha. we were both running on pure adrenaline at this point) to grab a couple more bricks we knew of in the yard) and brought them back to complete our wall. By this time it was about 2:30 AM and I think by the time I was in bed it was around 3:00 AM. Tom also set his alarm periodically throughout the night to go check on everything and make sure the basement wasn’t turning into a lake.   

Everything was pretty much okay this morning (our new dehumidifier got QUITE the workout this weekend!), except I have mountains of towels to wash and dry. AND we really need to figure out how to fix this problem in the future… I am kind of at a loss but we’re going to HAVE to figure something out. Needless to say, I slept in pretty late, went grocery shopping, then finally had a bit to eat around 2:00 this afternoon. I was in the mood for an omelet, so I chopped up some various fillings (zucchini, red onion, tomato, red pepper, mushrooms, sharp cheddar), and made an omelet with one egg and two additional egg whites.    

Delicious veggie, mushroom, and cheese omelet topped with salsa.

 SUPER delicious. Quite excellent really. My omelet skills are becoming rather impressive I must say! 🙂   

While I was in the kitchen this afternoon, this cutie little hummingbird showed up!:

Hummingbird Noms.

 Tonight for dinner we are having 4-bean chili that is currently heating in the slow cooker, consisting of all these ingredients (I’ll mix up the Jiffy a little later!). Love this meal, can’t wait.   

Four-bean chili ingredients

And here comes that rain again! Who knows what is in store for us tonight! :-/

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