Omelet Addiction

Hey there, it’s been a few days. First up, I actually have a picture from last Wednesday, a day I ate really light most of the day so that I could splurge with this meatless dinner I had in mind. There is A LOT going on below! In the back is a Gardenburger Black Bean Burger with pepper jack cheese, red onion, banana pepper, and romaine on a slice of toasted wheat bread smeared with a little Miracle Whip. I also roasted up a sweet potato tossed with a little EVOO, salt & pepper, cinnamon, and spoonful of brown sugar. I also made another mini omelet, after the last one I made was soooo good! The one pictured below is one egg plus one egg white, mushrooms, red bell pepper, tomato, shredded zukes, red onion, and some sharp cheddar. What a bounteous meal! That’s a ton of food for around 825ish calories. SO delicious.

Black bean burger, veggie omelet, and oven roasted sweet potatoes.

Yesterday we received a Ruby Tuesday coupon in the mail, so before heading out last night, we went there for dinner. I ordered the Chicken Bella, which was, according to their menu, "sautéed baby portabella mushrooms and artichokes in a parmesan cream sauce over a fresh, grilled chicken breast; with fresh, steamed broccoli and white cheddar mashed potatoes." This is actually pretty similar to the Chicken Jerusalem dish I ordered at Mediterrano recently, except that this dish had more of a grilled flavor, as opposed to Mediterrano’s chicken which was poached in white wine. The sauce was also less "rich" but still very good. I ate every last bite of this plate. Smile

Chicken Bella at Ruby Tuesday:

Ruby Tuesday: Ruby Tuesday on Urbanspoon

Greasy Brunch Foods

After our night out yesterday, naturally I had a hankering for greasy brunch foods today! We decided to try out Nick’s, even though it was a little later in the morning (~10:45 AMish) than last time we went (on my bday), and we weren’t sure if we would have to wait to be seated. We were happy to find that there were a handful of open tables and we didn’t have to wait at all to be seated! I am definitely an omelet girl, so I ordered the Vegetarian Omelet, filled with spinach, mushrooms, onion, tomato, and tons of feta cheese (yum!). It also came with a side of hash browns and rye toast. I had a hankering for bacon since last night, so Tom and I split an order of bacon (almost went meatless for this meal! not quite!).

Vegetarian Omelet at Nick’s Original House of Pancakes:

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a big fan of cooking on Friday and Saturday. Tonight’s dinner was easy – Subway. Ham sub on Italian Herb and Cheese Bread, no cheese, lots of veggies and banana peppers, and I totally got hooked up with lots of fat-free Sweet Onion dressing – score! Enjoyed on my lovely sofa (as are most of my meals, despite the fact I photograph most of them on our living room table!!)

Ham on Herb and Cheese Bread from Subway:

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