Crabcakes with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli at Graham’s

This Friday, we had another coupon to use (buy one entree, get one free!), and this week it was for Graham’s Restaurant, located in Kensington Court Hotel, near our place.  We started with one of their "small plates" of Calamari. It was very meaty; usually when I order calimari in restaurants I am served the small rings or the little purple tentacle-y parts, but this was different than I was used to. It was good, despite the lemon caper sauce ([if you know me, you know I am anti-capers] which was admittedly very good, I just steered clear of the capers!)

For my entree, I ordered the Crab Cake Dinner with, "Roasted Red Pepper Aioli with Rice Pilaf and Seasonal Vegetables." The sauce aioli was sooo pretty and smelled so good! These were very good crab cakes, with a nice crispy outside, and actually had a nice amount of crab in them. The veggies were superb; Tom was giving me skeptical looks for raving about the veggies, but hey, they were so good!! Isn’t this a pretty plate of food!?"

Of course, Tom ordered the 14 oz. prime rib (with horseradish – ahhhhh ::look of horror::): (sorry the pic is of terrible quality!)

Graham’s:Graham's on Urbanspoon

One thing I really like about Kensington Court hotel is that there are always huge, gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers throughout the lobby, like these below. Even all the tables in the restaurant had fresh flowers.

A second reason I like Kensington Court is because this is where my wedding and reception were held. Smile


Now I am off to go pack for the BEACH tomorrow! Hooray! It’s going to be HOT and SUNNY (I’ll be wearing my SPF 70) tomorrow! HOLLAR. I might even have a nice little glass of wine while I pack, score! We’re staying one night on the west side of the state, then coming back Sunday.

Until then!

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