Spontaneous Beach Excursion

This weekend Tom and I went on a spontaneous trip to the beach. So far this spring and summer, it seems like so many weekends have been rainy and stormy, and when I saw that this weekend was supposed to be warm and SUNNY, I really wanted to take advantage of it! Saturday morning we were up bright, but not too early – but early enough to get a little Micky D’s breakfast. Sausage Biscuits are truly one of my weaknesses in life. It’s been months since I’ve had one of these. Vacations are all about splurging to me, so I figured I could splurge and have one Sausage Biscuit. I believe I may also have told Tom that I could never become a vegetarian because it would be too devastating to never be able to eat a Sausage Biscuit again… :p

Next we were off on our journey to the west side of the state. A few miles in and…. we started seeing a lot of these signs..

LEFT shoulder closed….RIGHT shoulder closed?! So only a couple miles into our trip, we drove 2 miles in 30 minutes… luckily, once we got through those first few miles, it was more or less smooth sailing from there on! We DID, however, drive through a lot of construction. At one point, we drove beneath an underpass on which work was being done, and my car was hit by giant sparks! SO scary! I freaked out a little bit. But it was fine 🙂

Around 3.5 hours of driving later, we arrived in Muskegon, starving! We passed Mike’s Landing on the way to the beach and decided to check it out:

I ordered the Olive Burger. We were happily surprised by the Non-Ann Arbor-inflated food prices that we are used to. My meal was a mere $5.25. Unbeatable!:

OMG. Words cannot describe. This was one of the best burgers EVER. There were TONS of green olives in the burger itself, and it was just smothered in melty cheese. And even better, the burger was sandwiched in between two of the most delicious, crispy, buttery slices of bread ever. So freaking amazing. NOMNOMNOM.

Naturally, the previous evening’s prime rib was not enough, so Tom ordered the Prime Rib Breakfast:

After lunch, Tom and I hit up Pere Marquette Park in Muskegon; a beach that we visited last year and absolutely loved. Lake Michigan was nice and wavy, so we spent a great deal of time jumping in the waves. Sooo much fun. It really makes you think, that some of the best things in life really ARE free – wave jumping! The water temperature was not bad at all either – very comfortable once you were in. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was around 85 degrees. Perfecto! Where else, other than the beach, while about to be pummeled by a HUGE white-cap wave, is it socially acceptable to scream obscenties in public all day? Great stress relief! 😉

After a few hours at the beach, and after checking into our hotel, it was time for our other main attraction: Sam’s Joint. Tom has been talking about this place ever since we tried it out last summer, so it was only natural that we returned. Here is the place:

Sam’s Joint is known for its barbeque, and more specifically, for its ribs. The interior of the building is…well… unique. Basically every square inch of wall and ceiling space is covered by weird antiques and Christmas lights – think Tiffany lamps, rusty bicycles, animal furs, antique toys, etc. Really bizarre. I did something very out of character and ordered the BBQ Sampler Plate (as did Tom!). This place included half a rack of ribs, barbequed chicken strips, pulled pork, roll, and your choice of potato or rice, so I ordered brown rice. I have NEVER eaten a rack of ribs before in my life. I pretty much don’t like pork. BUT… since the place is known for ribs, I wanted to try it out. And GOOD thing I did. Holy hell. I was eating these ribs like there was no tomorrow. I polished off a good 2/3 of this half rack of ribs, which is wildly impressive if you know me and how little meat I typically eat. I pretty much ate more meat on this day than the entire last month combined! Haha. The chicken strips were good too, but I was starting to feel like I was drowning in BBQ sauce. The pulled pork was decent but not my favorite. The ribs and their suberb saucy, grilled, smokiness were the definite winner of this meal. RIBS! Omg.

After dinner, we were craving something sweet. We headed back down to the beach after hitting up a local ice cream spot, Frosty Cove. I ordered a flurry with DARK CHOCOLATE-COVERED COFFEE BEANS. Someone in Muskegon is a freaking genuis to have thought this up. Yummy!!

Obviously, ice cream tastes even better at the BEACH.

After eating our flurries, we walked down to the Lake Michigan shore again.

..And watched the sun set over the lake. 🙂

What a great day 🙂

The next morning we slept in a bit, and then headed back home. On the way, we made a pit stop in Portland, MI at a place called Duke’s Cajun Grill, for brunch. We did a bit of exploring the pathways around downtown. Apparently, Portland is the city of “two rivers,” and here is one of them, beside the restaurant we ate at, pictured below.

At Dukes, I ordered the Vegetarian Omelet which was filled with spinach, tomato, mushrooms, olives, onion, and feta cheese, alongside a side of fried potatoes and toast. The omelet was very tasty, the but the toast paled in comparison the the previous day’s bread and toast at Mike’s Landing in Muskegon. (Now do you believe when I say that I am addicted to omelets!?).

Early afternoon we arrived back in Ann Arbor. Dinner was easy, and again, splurge-a-licious in the calorie department. We decided to try out Domino’s pizza for the first time since they reportedly “made-over” their pizza recipe. I must admit, it was very tasty. How can you resist this:

Gotta love summer weekends.

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Beach Excursion

  1. So, those places were pretty shabby looking, lol, but u r the food expert- u know what i mean. Dude, that pizza looks super good. My fav. I have never been to Domino’s- maybe they should stick my name on billboards to try it out. Bitches.

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