Prep Day!

Prep Day!? Nope, this doesn’t mean I busted out the polos from Hollister, sweater vests, and khakis… (Wow, I make terrible jokes!).

Last weekend was all play at the beach, so this weekend it was time to get some WORK done! I was all about being productive this weekend.

Today I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. As I continue my daily calorie-counting, I am learning that it isn’t difficult eating a low calorie diet – the only hard part is planning. Planning is key, I am finding. Each weekend I try to plan out meals for the next week (or at least a rough idea), so that I can stay within my calorie target range each day. Today I decided to do some prep work in the kitchen, to make it easier on myself during the busy work week. Cooking is much more enjoyable on a day off than after coming home from a long, eight hour day at work.

First up, I prepped a batch of mesquite turkey, veggies, and havarti cheese in Flatout Wraps (love these), so they’d be an easy, up-for-grabs lunch during the week.

Gettin’ ’em wrapped up. Cute, I know. 🙂

Next was CHOP time. First I chopped up two small zukes, and a red and green bell pepper into large chunks. Whatever could they be for!? Guess you will have to tune in this week to see! 😉

Prep Bowl #2: Red bell pepper, sweet onion, and red onion for Mystery Meal #2!

Time for some protein. I baked a few chicken tenderloins sprinkled with salt, pepper, and cumin for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

…And then chopped them up for later use this week!

Mountain of prep bowls in my fridge!!

I managed to accomplish ALMOST everything on my to-do list this weekend. My mom, who is never without a large collection of to-do lists herself, would be proud. 😉  I still need to whip up a fresh  batch of ‘nectar’ for the hummingbirds, and get my stupid oil changed, which I’ve been putting off for far too long. :-/ Hooray for productivity. This week shall be a tasty week!

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