Spinach Feta Pizza, and Mini Bella Love <3

Well hello!

I’m not sure about you, but I spend a pretty good deal of time looking a recipes online, in magazines, etc. You know how the pictures always look so incredible (probably because the food was prepared by a food stylist and photographed by a professional)? Well, I have to brag for a minute here. I found this recipe for Spinach Feta Pizza at the Taste of Home website, and I really think that my picture below (taken with my modest Panasonic Lumix ZS1 point-and-shoot), looks more enticing than the picture of this recipe on their website. Maybe I should apply for a job there. 😉 Or maybe it’s just all in my (big) head. 😀

But back to the beginning of the story. Tonight I made Spinach Feta Pizza for dinner, using the above linked recipe from the ToH website. Here’s the round-up of ingredients!

..And the assembled, pre-baked pie! I used a tube of refrigerated pizza crust, which I then brushed with EVOO and two minced garlic cloves. Next I poured an entire 15 oz. can of pizza sauce on the crust. Atop the sauce went a couple big handfuls of spinach, red onion, mini bella ‘shroomies, 1/2 c. feta, and 1 c. mozzarella cheese. For a final dose of flavor, I sprinkled 1 tsp. each of dried basil and Italian seasoning, as well as several shakes of red pepper flakes atop the pie. This guy went into a 400 degree oven:

..And 16 minutes later: VOILA. A hot, bubbly pizza. The whole time the pizza was cooking, my mouth was watering. It smelled so good in the oven, especially the earthy aroma of the mini portobellos. Mmmm. How enticing does this look!? I ended up popping the pizza in for a few more minutes since the middle of the crust wasn’t baked fully yet. Tip: bake crust until it’s nicely browned, otherwise you’ll have a sog-mess in the middle of the pizza. But this was a super delicious, low-cal dinner. I ate about 1/3 of this pizza! 🙂 The mini bellas were the total star of the show!!

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