Posted in June 2010

‘Zippy’ Turkey and Rice

Dinner tonight began with a nice little salad of organic baby greens, bell peppers, onions, dried cranberries, and pecans, drizzled with fat-free balsamic vinaigrette. Very pretty!  While eating our salads, this guy was baking in the oven!:  Other than the occasional turkey burger, over the last few years I’ve been a little hesitant to cook … Continue reading

Omelet Addiction

Hey there, it’s been a few days. First up, I actually have a picture from last Wednesday, a day I ate really light most of the day so that I could splurge with this meatless dinner I had in mind. There is A LOT going on below! In the back is a Gardenburger Black Bean … Continue reading

Ham and Cream Cheese Chicken

Last night I made this recipe for Ham & Cheese Chicken from The recipe is pretty similar to Chicken Cordon Bleu, and was fairly easy to make. I cut some boneless skinless chicken breasts down the middle lengthwise to butterfly them (you’re actually supposed to flatten the chicken to 1/4″ thickness, but that seemed … Continue reading

Tale of the OMELET!

To say last night was a rough night would be an understatement. A little before 11:00 pm,  just minding my own business, watching a movie, sipping some wine, hearing the rain pour down, then the flippin’ tornado alarms went off. It sounded pretty hardcore outside, so we decided to go chill in the basement for a … Continue reading

Friday Night Buffalo Shrimp, Wine, and Cupcakes

Today I had this delicious and low-cal lunch, to counterbalance last night’s indulgences (to follow!). A Morningstar Black Bean Burger with a little monterey jack cheese, red onion, tomatoes, romaine, banana peppers, and Miracle Whip on one slice of toasted whole wheat bread and some organic strawberries. Pretty pretty!  Even though JH & I ate … Continue reading

Monthly weigh-in

I haven’t really talked about it in this blog, but for the last month I have been counting calories daily and weighing myself (at the same time, I know it naturally fluctuates each day!) each day and keeping track of this information. In the last 4 weeks that I have been keeping track of this … Continue reading

Spicy Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Cheese

Let me preface this post by saying that I am an EPIC FAIL. Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about tonight’s new dinner recipe, Spicy Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Cheese. I do like poblano peppers, and tonight was my first (and possibly last..) time cooking with them myself. I … Continue reading

Turkey and Havarti Cheese in a Sundried Tomato Flatbread Wrap

I made a fantastic wrap today! Found these super tasty sundried tomato flatbreads yesterday while grocery shopping, and into the wrap went mesquite deli turkey, romaine, havarti cheese, miracle whip, honey mustard, banana peppers, red onion, and tomato. YUM. Below: Flash + food pictures = washed out. Still tasty though!