Posted in July 2010

Baked Veggie Ziti

Tonight I nommed on some leftovers from yesterday’s vegetarian dinner: This dish, Tuscan Vegetable Baked Ziti from was good, but nothing wildly impressive. It was, to my satisfaction, very easy to make however. First I cooked mini ziti pasta and drained it, and then simply mixed the pasta with sliced red bell pepper, zucchini, … Continue reading

Max & Erma’s Caribbean Chicken

Last night’s dinner was a muy delicioso dinner at Max & Erma’s with Tom and his bro. I ordered Caribbean Chicken, which the menu describes as, “two pineapple-soy marinated chicken breasts, topped with tropical fruit salsa, with herb rice and fresh steamed vegetables,” with a cold glass of Sangria. I was surprised how flavorful the … Continue reading

Sidetrack Black Bean Burger LUV

Yesterday the parents were in town to help out with some things around the house and yard, and after a day of labor, we went to Sidetrack for some eats. Since it is impossible for me to stray from ordering their black bean burger, I opted for the Michigan Harvest Salad, which contains (per the … Continue reading

Metzger’s fest

Metzger’s fest

Guten tag! Okay, let’s be real, I haven’t taken German since junior high, when I had German for 1/3 of one semester. Ha. Friday night was a German indulgence, at Metzger’s! I started out with the German Bier Sampler. I wish I could tell you what these were. All I can say is that #4 … Continue reading

Homemade Fish Stix

Tonight’s dinner recipe called for seasoned bread crumbs. What’s a girl to do with only plain bread crumbs in the pantry (a.k.a., my linen closet, which I made into a pantry, 😀 )? Make her own, of course. To half of a cup of plain store-bought bread crumbs, I added 1/4 tsp. of each of … Continue reading

Pics of Thai Stir Fry Leftovers

Hey nommers! As promised yesterday, today I have a plated picture of yesterday’s Thai Stir Fry – but… I had another camera fail today. My battery was dead! So this was taken with my iPhone Dessert was this little mint chocolate chip guy. Alright, I’m out! Peace! ♪♫ Currently listening to: They Don’t Care About Us … Continue reading