Lemme see yo grillz

Oh the joy of waking up Saturday morning with a full three days off ahead! The first item on Saturday’s agenda was a trip to Kerrytown to the Farmer’s Market. While there, I picked up Mr. Basil for $1.50. I must have said how good Basil smells at least a dozen times today. 🙂

Also got a pint of sweet cherries for $3 at the Farmer’s Market.

After the Farmer’s Market, we strolled over to The Broken Egg on Main St, where I ordered the Vegetarian Stew, which consisted of a big scramble of three eggs, hash browns, caramelized onions (which added a nice sweet contrast), spinach, zukes, tomato and I’m probably missing at least a couple other veggies. I also doused my “stew” in hot sauce! Look how HUGE this portion is. I only ate half, and boxed up and brought home the other half! With a side of rye toast and coffee.

After running to Meijer to get dinner ingredients, I spent much of the afternoon outside reading. Tom snapped this pic of me, in which I look kind of pissed but I am actually in my glory (yes, I am wearing shades over my glasses, which is why they look so fruity!). I also got a slight sunburn (FAIL), even though I was wearing SPF 15. I read about 2/3 of The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve today. So good!! I can barely wait to get back to it.

Course 1 of dinner took advantage my new fresh Mr. Basil plant. I made a caprese salad with mozzarella, Mr. Basil, tomato, salt, pepper, and EVOO (PS- Tom and I each had our own plate like this!).

Our dinner side dish was a can of Bush’s Black Bean Fiesta Grillin’ Beans. These were very good, but I did kind of miss the sweet tanginess of most baked beans. But still – nice and spicy!

Tom successfully grilled a whole chicken cut-up on the grill (only one piece got kind of charred..). It was sooooo delicious!!!

We opted not to add BBQ sauce on the grill and instead just dip it in BBQ, since I remove the skin from my chicken anyways. Gotta have the Sweet Baby Ray’s. Excellent chicken!

Dessert was watermelon and farmer’s market cherries! YUM!

Whatever the night brings, it will likely involve at least a couple of these babies:

♪♫ Currently listening to: The Last Remaining Light – Audioslave.

2 thoughts on “Lemme see yo grillz

  1. So for course 1- that white thing was cheese?? do you just pop those suckers in your mouth or is there a way to properly eat them? Sweet Baby’s Rays is amazing BBQ. Audioslave?! I’ve been on a Smile Empty Soul kick lately.

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