Black Bean Taco Loyalist

For Saturday night’s dinner, Tom and I ventured into Depot Town for dinner, even though ElvisFest was going on and parking was a bit trickayyyy. After a few circles around town, I finally found a spot and we mosied on over to one of my faves – you guessed it – Sidetrack. I’ve kind of been into lately, and saw that someone else had posted a picture of Sidetrack’s “Avocado Dip,” a.k.a. guac, which inspired me to order it (not that I need much motivation to crave guac!). At first, it was totally lacking in the salt department. After a few generous shakes of salt, the guac went from good to excellent! Nice and chunky, just how I like it.

I couldn’t help but order an old standard, Black Bean Tacos. They’re just so damn good, I can’t help but order something involving black bean burger every time I go here. Oh, and obviously, sweet potato fries on the side are a must.

This time I even got a glamour shot of the inside of one of my black bean tacos. Look at all that tasty deliciousness! These guys are so spicy, I really want to know Sidetrack’s secret for making their black bean burger so flavorful.

Naturally, since ElvisFest was currently ongoing in Ypsi, we listened to Elvis tunes for our entire meal. Sidetrack even offered an Elvis special on their menu – Peanut Butter & Banana sandwich – which we both passed up, in favor of these Black Bean Tacos (for me), and for Fish Tacos (for Tom).

For dessert, after placing my leftovers in the Vibe, we took a stroll down the block to Cafe Luwak, where I ordered a kiddie-sized fat free raspberry sorbet. Way to cleanse that palate. So refreshing. Also found out that Cafe Luwak has an $8.50 b-fast buffet on Sat/Sun… which includes coffee! Really wanting to try it out!!

♪♫ Currently listening to: Intervention – Arcade Fire.

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