Buddha’s Berry Bowl

Holler nommers! I have a few quick bites for you.

Lunch –

– used up some of the fruit in the fridge to make room for new groceries! Melon, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries. Gotta get some more cherries!

Lean pocket

There are a few new flavors, this one was Spinach Artichoke Chicken – yummy! …Oh, and there’s my foot. Eek.

New addition to our loft!

I’ve been wanting a couple more chairs to put upstairs in the loft ever since we moved in, and I finally got around to ordering a couple. I ordered two of these saucer chairs online, and Tom put one of them together so far. The cushion came compressed and wrapped in heavy duty plastic. It had a notice on it that it had been deflated to 1/5 of it’s original size (although, there were numerous spelling and grammar errors on the instructions, so I wouldn’t entirely trust that figure!). I punched a hole in the packaging and it started GROWING! Tom was like, “get it out of here!” because it was growing over our pile of screws and nuts and wrenches. Haha. 😀

New Reads

I will plan to spend my fair share of time curled up in this spot with some good new reads – a couple new mags (Marie Claire, Cooking Light), Crate&Barrel catalog, Anita Shreve book.

Oh hai buddha! I ❤ my buddha.

♪♫ Currently listening to: For You – Smile Empty Soul

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