Filet Wedge Salad at Outback

Yesterday work was quite busy, and, after work, I was beyond ravenously hungry. We went to Outback for dinner and started with a small Chicken Quesadilla. Loved the ‘shroomies nestled in the melted cheese, and the sweet honey mustard dip.

For dinner I ordered the Filet Wedge Salad. I don’t think I’ve ever had a wedge salad before, maybe once, but I typically avoid them for two reasons – 1) I imagine they would be difficult to eat; 2) iceberg lettuce is pretty much nutritionally void. I was pleasantly surprised though! Not only was the salad easily eaten – I cut the iceberg wedge using my steak knife and it sliced like butta – but also the wedge was drizzled in not only a balsamic glaze dressing, but also blue cheese dressing and crumbles of more blue cheese and bacon (anything doused in blue cheese and bacon has to be good though, amirite?). The salad also had some especially tasty grape tomatoes and red onion (though not nearly enough for this onion-lover!). My wedge salad was accompanied by tender slices of filet (which were tender as could be, but slightly lacking in the seasoning department – nothing some sea salt and black pepper couldn’t fix).

This dish looks pretty splurge-a-licious in the calorie department, but I was also pleasantly surprised today when I looked up the nutrition facts on the Outback website, that this entire entree only has around 560 calories. Score! (However, less pleasantly surprised when I discovered that one half of our appetizer had just about as many calories as my entire entree!). Very tasty meal though!

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