Cafe Luwak Breakfast Buffet

If you read my posts from yesterday, you may have seen that last night I went to Sidetrack for dinner, followed by raspberry sorbet at Cafe Luwak. While sorbet-ing it up, I saw a sign for Cafe Luwak‘s breakfast buffet and commented that I would like to try it sometime. Well sometime ended up being the following morning!

This morning we headed back to Depot Town to hit up Cafe Luwak’s breakfast buffet, which yes, included coffee – always a good thing. It was pretty darn good – they had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, hippie hash, corned beef hash, things to pour syrup atop (i.e., waffles, pancakes, french toast), mini quiche, biscuits and gravy, and a big watermelon filled with fruit.

Yesterday at Best Buy I bought an FM Transmitter for my iPhone, so that I can listen to music on my iPhone in my car. I’ve been trying it out and it works decently, but not great. It pretty much only works if someone (the passenger…) holds onto the phone. Once you try to set it down in the cupholder or what not, the signal weakens and the station becomes static-y. Could probably remedy this by purchasing a mount for my dash, but I don’t know how much money I want to invest into this project. Still deciding if I want to keep the device or not.. After playing around with the FM Transmitter on the iPhone, I still had enough battery juice left to capture one shot of my breakfast this morning. Nice strong hot coffee, a mini quiche, bacon, one sausage link, hippie hash and fruit for me. Also had a second plate involving biscuits and gravy (my fave!!).

After breakfast, Tom and I went hiking in Pinckney to burn off some of those brunch calories. Wooo it’s hot out there!

The Grill Master Supreme (a.k.a. Tom) grilled up some turkey burgers and corn tonight, sorry no pics though. Mr. Basil has been bountifully growing, so I took advantage and made another plate of caprese salad to go with dinner.

PS – My 100th post is coming up soon. Any ideas for the occasion??

♪♫ Currently listening to: Electric Feel – MGMT

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