Epic photo shoot of the fruits of my epic retail therapy session


Well today I woke up in an unexplainable funk. My ever-busy brain wouldn’t give it a rest, even on a Saturday morning, and I wasn’t able to sleep in much this morning because of this. Emerging from my dark bedroom, I opened the dining room blinds to reveal a gloomy, soggy scene, shattering any hopes of checking out the art fair, going hiking, or walking at the park.

My funk-ified self lumbered up the stairs to the loft and plopped myself down on the couch. Spent the next few hours going back and forth between the top 10 video countdown on tv, Facebooking, finishing the book I’ve been reading (All He Ever Wanted – Anita Shreve), and being indecisive. “I’ll make some coffee – eh, it’s too hot, I’d rather have iced coffee…. Well maybe tea, I could make some chai with milk. Eh…” “What should I eat for breakfast. Maybe I should just wait and have lunch. Should I splurge on lunch and eat a low cal dinner or should I eat healthy now and get pizza later.” Yeah, these are my psycho fickle thoughts all morning.

Finally, it already got to be around 2:00, and having done nothing productive yet (and thinking to myself, that if it were a work day, I’d already be through majority of my work day, with only three hours to go), I decided I should do something productive. I then decided to clean the house, and I would start in the basement. I must admit, I have never vacuumed the basement since we’ve moved in. Yeah, yeah, so sue me. So I lugged the vacuum down the steep and narrow stairs to the dungeon, er, basement (it actually is finished down there, not dungeon-like at all, except in the utility room), and started vacuuming. I was almost done, and just giving the doorway between the main room and the utility room one last swoop, when suddenly a big a$$ string of carpet came loose and wound its way around the brushes in the vacuum. What the hey! Chaos then ensued, involving a rattling sickly vacuum sound, flickering fluorescent lights, and SMOKE. Eff. Unplugged the stupid vacuum, carted it up the stairs with superman-esque strength and agility, and burst through the front door, out into the humid, gray drizzly day. Of course, I was afraid the vacuum was on the verge of spontaneous combustion, and did not want this to occur inside my home. Deposited the vacuum in the garage and went back inside to assess the situation. Noted the rank and disgusting smell of burnt carpet in the basement and summoned Tom in a frantic voice. (I should have prefaced this tale with the fact that I have a slightly intense fire-phobia).  Fetch screwdriver for Tom so he can lodge open the door in the basement which had gotten closed shut in this ordeal (don’t ask). Okay, everything was fine, including the vacuum, once the string was removed.

So after that, I was pretty much thinking: “screw cleaning.” The sun was starting to come out which made me feel less in the “funk,” so I decided I would engage in a little retail therapy. Instant mood lifter!

After a couple hours of shopping, (and a new outlook on the day) the sun was out in full force. After dinner, the light was quite nice outside, and I was getting a bit antsy sitting inside (I can’t help but feel guilty sitting inside in the summer and not taking advantage of the outside – even if it was as humid as hell today), so I lugged my bags of purchases outside for a little photo shoot!

First up – my greatest deal of the day. I found these two plates at Target for $0.48 each! Will make for some new and interesting food blog shots. SCORE.

These ravishing violet flowers are growing along our backyard fence…

…And we have three of these flowering bushes with lush lavendar blooms.

Back to the purchases. At Target I also picked up this adorable pinch bowl set.

Just precious…

Less photogenic are an inexpensive potato MASHER and small cutting board I picked up.

New pair of flippy floppies – I find the $2.50 Target ones to be the most comfortable, and least likely to give me blisters on top of my foot. Thought I’d pick up a fresh pair for our upcoming vacation!

Wild shroomies in the yard! Not good noms though… (At this point in the photo shoot, I am in my front yard, angling my body in all sorts of odd contortions, taking these pictures. I’m sure I am a great amusement to my neighbors!).

Dipping bowls! So cute for individual servings of bbq sauce, ranch, hummus, etc.

BPA-free 32 oz water bottle from Bed Bath and Beyond. Also has a freezable stick in the middle. Score.

And my favorite purchase of the day – two new relatively shallow but wide bowls. Perfect for salads, soups, stews, which my regular bowls don’t fit well (my regular bowls fit cereal, ice cream, and the like well, but there’s never quite enough room for salad or soup). These also add a bit of variety to my dish collection, especially for blogging/photographing purposes. 🙂


Prior to this photoshoot, dinner from Domino’s was enjoyed. A rather indulgent meal, but the first and only food I ate today (I should probably start taking a multi-vitamin… :-/ ). First up, a Greek salad (I was passed all the peperoncinis – nomnomnom!), with plenty of feta.

Next we got the two medium two-topping pizzas for $5.99 each deal, which meant Tom and I each got to pick out our own pizza. Here is mine! Half is bacon and pineapple, and the other half is mushrooms and green olives (of which I ate two slices for dinner, so I still have six slices left!).

Close up, baby. Mmmmm.

And topped things off with cinnamon bread which was absolutely DOUSED in cinnamon (that’s a good thing!). Nice nice!

I’m happy to say my funk has all but disappeared. Not sure what I’m up to tonight…

♪♫ Currently listening [watching on tv] to: Feeling Good – Muse (live at Glasonbury – DVR’ed weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed):

One thought on “Epic photo shoot of the fruits of my epic retail therapy session

  1. glad to hear you recovered from your funk!! pic of flowers were beautiful. glad you missed taking shots of the brush pile HA loved those different color bowls

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