Posted in August 2010

Weekend noms and brews in Depot Town, then Novi

Beer Battered Pickles. Sidetrack. $3.95. Score. Tom’s dinner. Out. of. Control. Nachos. My dinner. Black bean burger tacos. Forgot to ask for sweet potato fries! Opps! Got beans and rice as a default – they were still delicious. Beer #2. Beer #1 was a mysterious smaller brew brought to me – I just thought the … Continue reading

Toasted Barley, Green Bean, and Baby Bella Salad with Tofu

 Barley? Tofu? Not typical ingredients in the meg.goes.nom.nom pantry. By no means. Tonight got pretty adventurous in the kitchen. I found a vegetarian recipe for “Toasted Barley, Green Bean, and Shiitake Salad with Tofu,” in the September 2010 issue of Cooking Light magazine (you can also view the recipe here). New Ingredient #1: Pearl Barley. … Continue reading

Arugula, Tuna, and White Bean Salad

 Today wasn’t the tastiest day of nomming, unfortunately. It was also just a really annoying day in general. I just feel irritated by the day. ARG. Anyways… For lunch I had a Mexican vegetarian bowl from WF and while it tasted alright, it left the WORST cilantro aftertaste in my mouth. BLECH!!!!! For dinner, we tried … Continue reading

Bacon in my dinner, Bacon in dessert

Tonight before dinner I spent a… well, I guess, a couple hours in the kitchen, prepping bowls of veggies, pasta, dressings, etc., for the week ahead. I find this a relaxing way to spend part of my Sunday, much better than on a work night (minus all the dishes, though). This was also done after … Continue reading

EPIC Papa Romano’s Pizza

Papa Romano’s is pretty much my favorite place to get pizza in Ann Arbor (though there are some tasty contenders…Cottage Inn?!), and I definitely couldn’t wait to take advantage of one of their coupons received in the mail last week. Listen to this: 1 large pizza, any toppings you want (up to 9!) for $9.99. … Continue reading

China Gate is the best

My last post discussed my calorie counting and weight loss progress; after viewing this post, you might find it hard to believe. Well, for one, Fridays/Saturday are my splurge days, and you are about to see my Friday night dinner! And also, my blog tends to  mainly discuss my dinners, which are typically the most … Continue reading

Calorie Counting – 3.5 months later…..

I realized that I never posted a Month 3 update regarding my calorie counting and chronicling my weight loss. So here is my 3.5 month update! Since the beginning of May, by counting calories and eating better, I have lost 16.6 pounds! Hoping to keep at it. See the increase the graph around 8/1/10 – … Continue reading