Traverse City – Part I: Poppycock’s

Vacation Day #1 – Wednesday, July 28

Nommers – I am back! Just spent the last five days vacationing in Traverse City with the hub. I took wayyyyy too many pics (263….) on said trip, so I am not sure how I want to tackle this blog with those pictures. For now, I am just going to blog our first day in this entry! (Don’t want to overwhelm you OR myself too much!). Wednesday we did not have much planned other than eating at a restaurant that I was very excited to try, after reading positive reviews at, called Poppycock’s. After the drive up (which included a fried chicken lunch, didn’t quite make it into the blog šŸ˜‰ ), we checked into our hotel, picked up some staples from the grocery store (their Meijer carries local sparkling cherry wine – hollar!) and then drove downtown to the Front Street area, which was only a couple minutes from our hotel.

Started out with a couple cocktails from their extensive drink menu.. I ordered “Poppycock’s Cooler,” which, according to their menu is Vanil Stoli, homemade ginger infused vodka and our special cranberry cooler topped off with a splash of local hand crafted ginger-ale. To me, this tasted like a cosmo, minus the lime. I didn’t quite get the ginger flavor in this, but I did get a hint of vanilla in it. Not bad. Tom’s was the winner, which was the Root Beer Float, made from the same Vanil Stoli vodka and “hand crafted” root beer – and actually did taste like a root beer float. I am going to have to make some of these myself. This is the only iPhone food picture from the trip. After taking this picture, I decided I would bust out the real camera for the remainder of my food pictures during the trip, to make it more eye-pleasing in the blog. (Usually when I eat at restaurants I take iPhone pictures to be more discreet about photographing my food). šŸ™‚ You’re welcome.

For our app, we opted for the Sweet Potato Chips with Guacamole. This may have been my favorite nom of the entire trip! The chips were crispy and well-seasoned on the outside, yet still thick enough that they retained a bit of sweet softness inside, for a hearty bite. Paired with an amazing dish of guac with oh-so-in-incredibly creamy avocado chunks. Whoever wrote this restaurant’s menu did well – the entire menu sounds very enticing! Here is the menu description of this dish: “Fire roasted tomatillo guacamole andĀ cumin scented sweet potato chipsĀ drizzled with five pepper oil.”

Entrees came with a choice of soup or salad, and I opted for the house salad with Lemon-Cherry Vinaigrette. (When in Rome Traverse City…)

Tom went with the soup, which was a spicy chicken and black bean soup. Tried a bite and it was delicious and super flavorful. We also were given some bread, which received a thumbs up from me. Warm, moist, and herb-y (basil? oregano?) flavors.

Poppycock’s had a nice selection of vegetarian dishes, and I decided to try one of them, the Portabella Mushroom Stack. Again, enticing menu description, “Grilled portabella caps layered with pesto-onion risotto over sun dried tomato cream sauce and topped with feta and calamata olives.” Oh, love, love. Each bite was a little different, a meaty bite of portabella with lots of fresh basil, which was sprinkled on top (hope Mr. Basil doesn’t mind my lack of loyalty to his basil leaves), and other bites of portabella with the creamy risotta, bathed in the cream sauce, or the salty feta and calamatas. Nomnomnom. LOVE. And so pretty.

Tom ordered the Tuscan Sirloin, which I had also considered ordering. Of course, gotta give you the menu description, “Grilled sirloin, mushrooms, scallions, sun dried tomatoes, fettuccine in a roasted garlic cracked pepper oil, finished with gorgonzola.” I tried a bite of the pasta with the sauce and it was BOLD. Poppycock’s does not have wimpy flavors and I like that! Bold bold bold.

After dinner we strolled down and hung out on Front Street, which was pretty happenin’, and also down by the water. Here we are:

That’s all for Part I of the trip….but I have sooo many more pictures! Day II of the trip included an all-day “self-guided foodie tour,” and we tried so many new foods and places, driving all over Traverse City and the Leelanau Peninsula, so I am excited to get that blog up soon! Stay tuned.

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