Traverse City – Part II – Self-Guided Foodie Tour, pt 1 of 2

Traverse City Day 2 – Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our first full day of our vacay was devoted to a “Self-Guided Foodie Tour,” which I found at a Traverse City tourism website: click here for the full description and brochure. According to this website, “ has rated Traverse City as the #1 ‘Foodie City’ in America.” Crazy!

Our first stop on our Foodie Tour was Bay Bread, just a few blocks from the water.

I liked it here; it wasn’t touristy. and we seemed like amateurs compared to the locals who knew what was going on inside. Here is a rack of many of their delicious-looking and -smelling breads.

Tom opted for a cinnamon roll (they are just too sweet for me in the morning!) and I opted for a Cranberry Orange Scone. Best. Scone. Ever. Also must give kudos where kudos is due for some quality coffee.

Enjoying our first noms of the day outside in view of the water at the end of the street (behind Tom’s big head).

Next up, we headed down to Front Street to Grand Traverse Pie Company.

Again, I’m not big on sweet things in the morning too much, nor am I much of a “pie person,” so we opted to split a piece of breakfast quiche to fulfill my craving for savory noms. There was delicious amount of melty white cheese – pretty tangy, couldn’t quite figure it out…white cheddar?.. in the quiche, and it was fairly most. Pretty darn good.

After hitting up Grand Traverse Pie Company, we strolled down Front Street and checked out a few shops, including a few kitchen/foodie-gadgety places.

Next on the tour was Deering’s Market, a few blocks away from Front Street, in a more residential area (near Eleventh Street which was an adorable street). In the market was a delectable selection of beef and chicken jerkeys (jerkies?). The gentleman working was quite nice and offered us several generous samples of their jerkey. We opted for 1/2 lb. each of Cherry Beef Jerkey, Sweet Heat Beef Jerkey, and Buffalo Chicken Jerkey. I love me some jerkey. According to the foodie tour brochure, Deering’s offers a selection of 26 different jerkeys! (You can actually order jerkey from their website if you’re interested.) JERKEY.

Our jerkey wares….. YUM.

Our next stop on the tour was The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, which, according to the brochure, used to be an asylum, and is now being renovated to house several restaurants and shops. Here is what you see when you first encounter the commons area – pretty epic.

One of our stops at the Commons was The Underground Cheesecake Company. Cute, eh?:

This chocolate peanut butter cheesecake looked irresistible…

…Especially when paired with a cold, refreshing Watermelon Lemonade on a perfect 80 degree sunny day.

Passed these two cars while traversing the Commons… What???

We were getting in the mood for some “real” kind of substantial food, and decided a deli sounded good, Silvertree Deli in fact.

Ham and Swiss on Rye bread with honey mustard, White Bean chicken chili (delicious – they had several soups, and we couldn’t decide, but this soup was suggested to us when we asked the cashier what her favorite was, as this is their “specialty”), and some raspberry iced tea.

This is NOT all…there is going to be a PART II of our Foodie Tour soon, as this was only a small part of our Foodie Tour day! Stay tuned kids.

♪♫ Currently listening to: The Outsider – A Perfect Circle.

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