Traverse City – Part IV – Old Mission Lighthouse & Dinner at Zakey’s

Well hello! This post details the second half of our tour of the Wineries of the Old Mission Peninsula, and you can read part one by clicking here. Once we reached the end of the wine trail (and the freeway literally ended at the tip of the peninsula!), we arrived at the Old Mission Point Lighthouse.

..And proceeded to make our way up to the tower. Check out these stairs. Pretty intense.

Nommer-Tom making his way up:

Once we were in the tower, we encountered a spectacular view of the beach and lake:

See the land jutting out into the water below? We walked out pretty far on this little peninsula.

Yours truly…:

After enjoying the view for a bit, we climbed back down the slightly treacherous stairs and strolled down to the beach.

Once we made it down to the sand, we went for a quick whirl on the swings, and then started walking out on a little muddy peninsula.

Here’s a lil panaromic view, in my video:

We walked out pretty far, this being a bit easier for me, in flip flops, than for Tom, who wore tennis shoes and socks. Silly! Eventually, Tom got down to business, and took off his shoes and socks so we could walk out further. Below you can see how far out we are; see the small light house in the distance in the second picture below?:

After our explorations were through, we took one last look at the lighthouse, and then headed south down the peninsula, back to Traverse City.

For dinner we tried out a Middle Eastern restaurant on Front Street, called Zakey’s. We also just happened to be there while a belly dancer was performing. Lmao. I ordered the Chicken Shawarma plate which came with super-garlicky (that’s a good thing) hummus and pita, and a cool cucumber salad. Everything was very tasty, but I wished my portion was a little bigger. 🙂

Tom ordered the combo platter, which came with four various kabobs of chicken, lamb, beef, and vegetables; cucumber salad, tabbouli, and pita bread.

Dinner was topped off with Cold Stone! I ordered my staple – Like It!-size cake batter ice cream with brownies! ❤ Love.

This is the second to last post covering our Traverse City trip; I still have one more coming up soon.

♪♫  Currently listening to watching: Jersey Shore. …Yeah, so sue me.

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