Traverse City – Part V: Casino, White Cheddar Ale Soup, and Sunset Cruise

Finally getting around to posting my last final Traverse City entry. If you missed the first few days, here are links:

Our last full day upnorth, which we had originally planned on being our “beach day,” ended up being rainy and gloomy, so we had to come up with a Plan B. We first headed to Flap Jack Shack, up the street, for breakfast and to ponder over possibilities for the day. This place was bumpin’; the line to get a table was out the door. We declined the buffet (fresh eggs are better than buffet eggs, no?), and each ordered their Breakfast Combo #1, with all the breakfast standards: bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, and, as you’ll see in two pictures below, a short stack.

Wasn’t wildly impressed by the quality of the food, but that didn’t stop ravenous me from eating it. The pancakes were great – actually, the best part! And the bacon.

We decided to head up to Suttons Bay (actually, I guess it’s technically Peshawbestown, MI) to the Leelanau Sands casino to play the slots (penny/nickel and then quarter) for a couple hours. I actually hit the jackpot on the penny/nickel slot… but was playing with pennies, so it was only like $13 – if it’d been playing with nickels or dimes it would have been a decent win! However, I still came out $10 less than what I started with in the end, so no big wins for us. I’m terrible at gambling. Even slots. It’s like mental torture, when you get SO close to getting the jackpot on those quarter machines. I was so sure I was going to get it!

Once we’d had our fill of the casino, we continued north up the Leelanau Peninsula, to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.

We took a look around inside the historic lighthouse.



And then climbed up yet another set up interesting stairs to the tower! Too bad it was so gloomy, but we were just thankful it wasn’t raining!

Another view of the lighthouse. We also walked down the paths to the beach and explored.

After heading back to Traverse City, we decided to go with a tried and true for dinner – North Peak. Started out with a bowl of White Cheddar Ale Soup, topped with mustard pretzels. I dipped the bread we were given into the soup and it was like heaven. Really, the highlight of the meal.

Had a so-so Black Bean and Portobella Burger for dinner. The burger itself was a bit too “mush” for me, I would have preferred it cooked until the outsides were a bit more well-done. A bit more spice couldn’t have hurt either.  The melted provolone was good, as were the pesto aioli and ciabatta bun. Fries received my approval as well.

Tom ordered a half slab of Cherry Porter BBQ Ribs with Wood-Roasted Chicken, fries, and a really tasty coleslaw (menu called it Chinese Mustard Slaw (I tried it – super spicy! yum!).

After dinner, we went for an evening sunset sail with Nauti-Cat Cruises on their 47′ catamaran. Started things out with a couple of their signature drinks, “catnip.” Tasty but strong (not that that’s necessarily bad..). Rum, pineapple, and I couldn’t tell you what else gave it that shocking green color. It was a bit overcast, but still pleasant to be out on the water for a couple hours, for a leisurely sail, bumpin’ some tunes, drankin’ some dranks. 😛

The crew shot a mini cannon over at another ship across the bay. Watch this I took video to see:

The crew adjusting the sails… er, riggings? Sorry, I’m not really up on the lingo. All I know is I’M ON A BOAT. (You were just waiting for me to bust out the line, admit it). Don’t you ever forGET.

And we were lucky and ended up with a pretty nice sunset. I think we had a pretty great day, considering how bleh the weather was!

♪♫ Currently listening to: The Only Exception – Paramore.

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