Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Hey there. Dinner didn’t do much for me tonight. Ordered a Subway Footlong Buffalo Chicken sub, no cheese, lots of veggies, light ranch. I think the toaster was broken because mine didn’t really seem to be toasted. Room temperature chicken = bleh. Cold chicken, or hot chicken is good, but something about the room temp chicken didn’t do much for me. I ate about 80% of this sub.

After dinner I declared, “we need to keep some treats in the house.” Of course, this was Dessert-Craving-Megan speaking, not Sensible-Megan speaking, who knows that if treats are kept in the house, they only get eaten. So I try not to even buy junk like chips and sweets, that way I won’t be tempted. In fact, I won’t even walk down the chip aisle at Meijer any more, or I’ll be too tempted to load up on the Krunchers or Tortilla Chips and Nacho Cheese. With that said, I was craving chocolate tonight. A bite would do, I announced. I’m not one to crave chocolate. But when I crave something, it won’t go away until I satiate the craving. A small indulgence was in order. I’m okay with eating a little bit of anything I am craving. Deprivation = lame. Not necessarily to pig out on candy bars all night though. 🙂 Moderation, kids.

My slumpy-Tuesday mood was vastly improved by a stroll through Whole Foods. See, I have to be strategic when I go to Whole Foods. At least when I make mini-trips during the week. I won’t take any reusable bags with me, nor will I grab a shopping cart. No, everything I buy MUST be able to be carried by me, in my own two hands. I’m most certainly not going to answer “yes” when asked if Iwould like a bag (i.e., would you like to destroy the environment by using a paper bag?). No thanks!

Does anyone else find grocery shopping therapeutic? It’s an instant mood-lifter for me. Coming up with a weekly grocery list, now that is another story – not exactly a fun time. But, once my list is ready, I rather enjoy grocery shopping. I spent some time this evening perusing the aisles of Whole Foods, and acquired a handful (literally!!) of goodies. Forgive me, but the lighting in my loft was horrendous tonight, so these pics aren’t too fab.

Splurge #1: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Indulgence #2: Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar

Treat #3: Almond Butter packet

I only tried one of my three purchases tonight – the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. O.M.G. These were made for me. I tend to crave salty foods, not sweets. But then what happens after I eat something salty? I want something sweet. Always. So this was a home-run for me. At first all I tasted was salt, and it was a little intense, even for me. But then the dark chocolate started to melt on my tongue, melding with the salt crystals – and it was like the clouds parted and the heavens were revealed. And then there was the caramel. Soft caramel that melts in your mouth. Not annoying chewy caramel that gets stuck in your teeth. And little leftover pieces of salt popping up once in a while. Ecstasy.

Stay tuned for reviews of my other two purchases later this week. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

♪♫ Currently listening to: We Are Nowhere And It’s Now – Bright Eyes.

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