Grizillin and chillin like a villain.

Omg, it was so perfect outside this evening. I think at some point I told Tom, “I want every day of my life to be like this,” meaning the weather was utter perfection.

Clearly, a good night for grilling. I mean hey, it’s mid-August. I really feel like I need to start taking advantage of the summer days, and not let them pass me by. I have SO much more energy in the summer, it’s insane! I mean, it’s 11:14 PM and I’m blogging. And feel like I could stay up for hours. In the winter there are nights I want to go to sleep by 9PM. Lame, I know.

Anywho, we (well, Tom) threw a whole chicken cut-up on the charcoal grill. Meanwhile, I was laying in my lounger enjoying the enticing smell of grilling, watching hummingbirds (we had like a million- er, maybe like 7- tonight), reading a cooking magazine. Hellz yeah. Also was sipping on lemon tea with a hot pink straw. My life is exciting, kids. Be jealous.

Corn glamour shot. Corn was brushed with EVOO and later sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning. Slightly tough, as it was a few days old, but nothing the Old Bay couldn’t salvage.

Chicken glamour shot. Slathered in Sweet Baby Ray’s. Got some bourbon & brown sugar baked beans in the background. Essential.

♪♫ Currently listening to: Summer Skin – Death Cab for Cutie.

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