China Gate is the best

My last post discussed my calorie counting and weight loss progress; after viewing this post, you might find it hard to believe. Well, for one, Fridays/Saturday are my splurge days, and you are about to see my Friday night dinner! And also, my blog tends to  mainly discuss my dinners, which are typically the most interesting and bloggable, and always my biggest meals of the day. I rarely eat breakfast anymore (yeah, yeah, most important meal of the day, blah blah, I know), other than perhaps a large iced coffee (0 calories) with a splash of cream (just a few calories), and usually eat a pretty light lunch. So that explains that.

With that said, the next few pictures are of my Friday night dinner at China Gate, on South U. China Gate definitely is the best Chinese restaurant I’ve eaten at before. The food is just so…good. It’s always piping hot and fresh and so delicious. The front window is plastered with signs describing all the awards won by the executive chef, and the food never disappoints. I typically order the$15.95/person dinner special they have, which includes all of the following. First up, Sizzling Rice Soup – your choice of tomato-base or clear-base. Tom prefers the tomato-base and I prefer the clear-base, so we take turns, and this visit, it was Tom’s turn, so we got the tomato-base! Topped with hot puffed rice that crackles when you sprinkle it over your soup.

Dinner includes two egg rolls and two crab cheeses (is that the correct plural form of crab cheese??).

BEST fried rice ever in the whole entire WORLD. Yes. It is. Ev-AR.

You get one entree per person at your table, and first up, we ordered Kung Pao beef. Watch out for those red chilies.

Also ordered General Tso’s chicken. Look at this ginormous hugely generous portion!! Fresh and steaming hot.

From the HUGE entree plates, I put together a more modest plate of food for myself below:

Had TONS of leftovers (the best part!), which were eaten for lunch today (and STILL have some rice left too!).

And my fortune, "Take that chance you’ve been considering." Hmm…

After dinner we saw the movie "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World." Pretty cute. Entertaining.

♪♫ Currently listening to: Pet – A Perfect Circle.

China Gate: China Gate on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “China Gate is the best

  1. I’d like to leave a comment referring to the fortune cookie- Please DON’T take that chance you’ve been considering. Enough said.

    Also, I would like to add that the food looks amazing and that we shall journey there on my next visit.

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