Washington DC biznass trip – Part I

You may have noticed I have been M.I.A. for the last few days; well, my little nommers (Gaga “little monster” knock-off), I’m back! I actually spent the last two days in Bethesda, MD, and in Washington DC. I was attending a meeting being held for the research study that I coordinate, and was able to extend my time before and after the meetings in order to do a bit of sight-seeing (and nomming!). I’m going to divide my excursion into two posts, with the first one (this one!) to cover all the delicious food I ate! All my food pictures were taken with my iPhone (for convenience’ sake and for the purposes of being discreet), so sorry they are not of great quality.

I awoke very, very early Thursday morning for my early flight. After some intense sight-seeing (to be featured in my next, future post!), it was definitely time for lunch. Throughout the mall and touristy areas of DC, I didn’t see too many restaurants, other than hot dog stands and such. We managed to find a place to eat just a couple blocks from the White House, called Old Ebbitt Grill, which appeared to be filled with lots of Power Lunchers. After assessing the options to satisfy my ravenous hunger, I opted for a Crab Cake accompanied by sautéed fennel and sweet potatoes. If you haven’t noticed, I adore crab cakes, and I’ve had my fair share of them (Evidence: here at the Boathouse, here at Graham’s, here at Carson’s, here at Prickly Pear, and homemade ones here). And I think I have to say that this was the best crab cake I’ve ever had. That’s right – EVER. It was like pure, huge lumps of sweet, delicious crab, with a thick, rich creamy sauce. I ate every last bite of the luscious sweet potatoes and licorice-y sautéed fennel too.

Given how tasty my entrée was, it was impossible to pass up dessert – it HAD to be good. I went for the key lime pie, which was thick, creamy, and luscious (push that whipped cream off to the side though – unnecessary). Yummy stuff.

My fellow diner’s noms: pretty legit, eh? Look at that p-nut butter pie!


Next, took the Metro back to our hotel in Bethesda for the actual work meeting. I’ll spare you the details, and instead get straight to the noms enjoyed late that evening, at Morton’s, the steakhouse in the hotel. I was kindly treated to a fabulous dinner. It felt a little awkward busting out my camera at this meal (though I’ve become nearly fearless about taking pictures of my food almost anywhere now), so instead, here are some photos from the Morton’s website. My three fellow diners all ordered giant steaks, and I ordered the Chilean Sea Bass with a Pineapple Pepper Salsa. I was presented with an extremely thick piece of this luscious fish, so utterly sweet and buttery. Basically divine. I also had some grilled jumbo asparagus with a balsamic glaze, which rocked my socks too. What a treat. Also sipped on red wine throughout dinner. 🙂


Dessert was ordered, and I had a sliver of a giant piece of carrot cake. Dessert twice in one day = great idea.


What a day – phew, covered a lot of ground (6.8 miles of walking!!!) and was awake for 22 hours straight! Definitely time for a few hours of sleep.

The next morning I had a few more hours of meetings at the hotel, and then it was time to venture out for a few more hours. Today my travel buddy and I decided to head toward Georgetown University to see some sights. First I had peach banana smoothie to tide me over.

In my next post I’ll put up a few pictures of Georgetown University. We didn’t walk quite as far on Friday as we did on Thursday (3.3 miles vs. 6.8 the previous day), but still covered a decent bit of ground. Also randomly ran into my boss and her daughter on the street while they were also out shopping, which was a bit funny.

Before our flight, we grabbed a giant late lunch/early dinner kind of meal, at a Mexican place called Guapo’s, which I enjoyed with a super pink and girly strawberry daiquiri. Refreshing. Took the edge off my achy legs. 🙂

..Also some fab gauc. Nice and chunky and creamy.

And a beyond ginormous feast of food. Holy Mexican Noms! I don’t even know where to begin. How on earth could two people ever eat all this food!? On the table, starting at 12:00, clockwise: chicken burrito plate, chips and salsa, my chicken and steak fajitas with the works, and beans and rice. These were definitely some of the better fajitas I’ve had at a restaurant – much better than any you get at those chain restaurants ([cr]Applebee’s, Max & Erma’s – I’m looking at you). The fajitas came with huge juicy slices of chicken and steak, lots of grilled peppers and onions, a grilled jalapeno(!!!), the standard gauc/sour cream/pico de gallo toppings, and of course, three pillowy tortillas. I also received a small bowl of melted butter with my dinner! Wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to do it it (butter shots anyone?), but I tried dipping a few bites of my fajita into it and it was (obviously) good (I mean, it’s butter). I think I made a pretty decent dent in this feast!

Me in a nice tool-y shot enjoying my Mexican feast.

Then it was time to head back to Michigan. Stay tuned for Part II, in which I will post my pics of many of the sights we saw.

Time to stretch my legs – I think I may go out for a bit of dancing tonight… We’ll see. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Washington DC biznass trip – Part I

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  2. Glad you found a cluster of “Power Lunchers”….they are truly a rarity. I’m sure they were happy to be doing their POWER HOUR of Power MUNCHING at the Old Ebbitt Grill. You went to some fabulous eateries. Great tourist traps as well.

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