Washington DC Biznass Trip – Part II

Just a heads up, this will be a non-food related post! I spent Thursday-Friday of this past week in DC for work, and here are some pictures of some of the sights I managed to see while I was there. Missed Part I, covering the food I ate in DC? Check it out: HERE.

After my 6:00 AM flight landed in DC, a co-worker and I went to check out the sights before our late afternoon work meeting in Bethesda, MD. First major stop (after a brief pit stop at the National Building Museum), was the U.S. Capitol Building:

I was somewhat surprised how close we were allowed to get to the building. I have been to Washington DC once before, but I was only 10 years old, so it’s been a while!

Near the Capitol Building we also saw the Supreme Court:

Next stop was the National Archives, at which we saw the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


Next we walked to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. For some reason I really wanted to see the 45.52 carat Hope Diamond. I did visit this museum on my first trip (~14 years ago), but as I recall, we spent most of our time touring the dinosaurs and bones section of the Museum, and didn’t get to see the gems and minerals section, so I was happy to see it this time. I was in awe of the huge collection of gems, stones, minerals, crystals, rocks, and even meteorites in this wing of the museum – it seemed to be never-ending and I thought it was pretty cool.

Hope Diamond , etc.

After the Smithsonian, we continued strolling up (actually more of a power walk – trying to maximize the amount of ground that could be covered!) the National Mall toward the monuments. I love this shot of the Washington Monument that I got:

Didn’t get too close, but caught a nice glimpse of the Jefferson Memorial:

Next up, my fave, the Lincoln Memorial.

This scene, below, automatically brings Forrest Gump to my mind, don’t you agree?? Pretty amazing view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking down the mall to the Washington Monument, and finally, at the other end, the Capitol Building. How nice does this weather look!? We lucked out with excellent early September weather – warm but no too hot, sunny, breezy – perfect. I also want to say that the walk down the reflecting pool, shown below, is deceivingly much longer than it appears! It looks a long time to get from one end to the other!

You know the clip, right? Around the 2:15 minute mark:

Giving my 12x optical zoom a workout at the White House:

That pretty much wraps up the Day 1 sight-seeing. The remainder of the day was filled with a work meeting and dinner (shown in Part I of my blog).

Day 2:

View of the city, taken while walking to the Georgetown University campus, on Day 2.

One of the building on the Georgetown campus. This building was pretty awesome.

For the seemingly huge number of dorms on campus, it didn’t seem like there were many classroom buildings at Georgetown. But who am I to say? Their campus was quite nice, but doesn’t quite touch the University of Michigan campus. 🙂 I adore our campus here in Ann Arbor. When in high school, and coming down to Ann Arbor for a tour as a prospective student, within 2 minutes of getting out of the car, I told my mom, “this is where I want to go to college.” It was love at first sight. ❤

Here is another view of the Georgetown campus.

And that pretty much wraps of the sight-seeing aspects of the trip! Again, I think I mentioned this in Part I, but we figured out that covered around 10 miles on foot during the two days. Despite all the food I ate on my trip, I actually ended up weighing less upon my return than when I left for the trip. I probably need to re-introduce some fitness into my life. :-/ Bah. Walking is pretty much the only form of exercise I enjoy, so I am so so sad that summer is ending!  Any weight I lost on this brief DC excursion I probably gained back yesterday! I’ll be blogging about that a bit later today – just wait til you see what I’ve been eating this weekend. Let’s just say it’s been an indulgent weekend. 🙂 Until then…

♪♫ Currently listening to: The Background – Third Eye Blind.

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