Burger and Beer Tasting – American Classics

 What’s happening nommers? A few notable things have delayed my posting progress in the last couple days, including:

  • Power Outage. Last night I saw a huge bright flash outside, followed by a loud boom, followed by our street losing power for a few hours. While my computer still worked due to battery power, our internet did not, so I didn’t get a chance to blog last night. I DID, however, get caught up posting pictures to my profile at Foodspotting.com, from my iPhone! Not much else to do when the power is out and it’s dark out.
  • Mouse Fail. I go through mice (mouses?) like it’s my JOB. For the last 6 years or so, every 6-8 months I need a new one. I now need a new one. My current one isn’t working. Photo editing for the blog is very difficult without a mouse, so I’ve been putting off blogging.
  • Pain. My inner thigh hip joint (there’s probably an actual name for this – I’m not an anatomy person, as I made clear earlier today at work when I ashamedly admitted that I did now know what bronchioles were. At least I made a good guess..)..anyways, my inner thigh hip joint popped out of place for like 10 minutes earlier tonight and it was sooo painful! Took me a while to get my brain into “blogging mode” after that.

But enough excuses, right!? Who wants to start a blog on a negative note? Not me. At least I TRY to typically start each post on a positive note, most of the time! 🙂 So let’s get nomming.

Burger and Beer Tasting at Sidetrack

I’m so happy I’m on Sidetrack’s email list, otherwise I probably would never have found out about this event! Sidetrack, located in Depot Town in Ypsilanti, is one of my verrrrry favorite restaurants/bars in the area. Great food, great atmosphere, affordable, lots of meatless options, and on occasion features local food options. I bought my tickets for this five-course Burger and Beer tasting a couple weeks ago, and this past Tuesday night is when it was held. We were first presented with the menu for the”American Classics“-themed event:

Just in case you can’t make it out above, the menu was:

  • Appetizer: Mini Crab Cake with homemade relish from The Brinery, in Ann Arbor.
  • Course #1: Mini-BBQ Pork Sandwich topped with hand-crafted coleslaw and a sweet potato chip.
  • Course #2: Our Famous mini-black bean burger topped with homemade spicy corn salsa.
  • Course #3: Open faced mini-meatloaf and mashed potato burger.
  • Dessert: Dark chocolate covered Boar’s Head Bacon.

Course #1: Mini Crab Cake with homemade relish from The Brinery, in Ann Arbor, paired with a Boston wheat beer.

If you follow MegGoesNomNom, you may have noticed that I am a connoisseur of crab cakes. It’s true. It’s love, kids. This one fared quite well – the main problem was that there just wasn’t enough of it. 😉 Not quite as lush and rich as the one I enjoyed in Washington DC last week, but still quite meaty and sweet tasting. The relish was out of this world. Utterly tangy, creamy, briny, divine. I really need to check out this local company.


Course #2: Mini-BBQ Pork Sandwich topped with hand-crafted coleslaw and a sweet potato chip paired with a cherry-infused Summer Wheat beer, brewed at North Peak Brewing Company in Traverse City (I was there this summer! Read about it: HERE!). Oh. My. Noms. Holy pulled pork. Words cannot express the sweet, tangy deliciousness delivered by this mini sandwich. This was my favorite course! Great beer pairing.


Course #3: Mini-black bean burger topped with homemade spicy corn salsa. Sidetrack’s black bean burger is another food that has shown up in MegGoesNomNom many a time! It’s an addiction. I cannot (and have not) go to Sidetrack without ordering some dish involving black bean burger. It is just bursting with spicy flavor and crave-inducing. So clearly I enjoyed this, but it was nothing new to me. 🙂 Not a huge fan of the “hoppy” beer with which it was paired.

Course #3: Open faced mini-meatloaf and mashed potato burger, paired with a porter with a strong coffee flavor. I was most excited to try this course. Here’s what I thought:


  • Mashed potatoes on a burger? Yes, Please. ‘Nuff said.
  • Gravy!!
  • Tasty pairing – this was my favorite beer.


  • A little too salty.
  • More meatloaf please. And a little less bun. Actually, make it a biscuit! 😉

Dessert: Dark chocolate covered Boar’s Head Bacon. I pretty much wanted to cry tears of joy during each chewy bite of this. First you taste sweet, warm, melted, super dark chocolate, then you start to detect the salty, smoky thickly sliced bacon. Oh heaven. Heaven, heaven. This was also paired with a bold porter, but not quite as good as the previous brew.

Course #6: Bonus bite! Small scoop of vanilla ice cream with a dollop of chocolate.

A fun evening – I’m glad we went!

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