Greek Salad with Gyros and Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Parthenon Restaurant Review

As is usual, Friday night was dine-out night, and this week we decided to try a new (to us!) restaurant – Parthenon, a Greek restaurant located in downtown Ann Arbor. Despite the vast quantity of outdoor seating, we opted to dine inside, and the ambiance was a bit odd, I thought. There weren’t too many other patrons, inside or out, though it was admittedly a bit early in the evening – we probably beat any sort of dinner rush there may have been. The decor was cute but a bit outdated. Maybe you could call it charming…? Debatable.

I was in the mood for salad, so I ordered a large Greek Salad with Gyro meat. Also, I think I actually pronounced "Gyro" correctly too. Having worked as a server during many a Gyro Night in the dining hall in college, I know that there are many creative pronunciations for this word. Jye-Row. Gear-Oh. Jeer-O. Guy-Row. I’ve heard ’em all (and giggled in my head at each and every one of them!). It’s my understanding that it is pronounced "YEAR-OH." Amirite? I do believe so. Again, debatable.

My salad came with two large hunks of delicious salty feta, tomato, red onion, beets (bleh), amazing kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, and homemade Greek dressing (tasted more like Italian to me – but still very good regardless!). Also, as you can see below, my salad was topped with lots of tasty Gyro meat, accompanied by plenty of tzatziki sauce. This salad was filling and very good, a solid salad, but nothing stellar. I also enjoyed my salad with a glass of sangria (x2).

Tom ordered what I almost ordered – the Greek Specialties Combination Plate, which included Pastitsio (ground beef and mac mixture, with cream sauce), Mousaka (sautéed eggplant, potatoes, ground beef, cream and meat sauces), Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Spinach pie, and Gyros meat with tzatziki sauce. I’ll be the first to say this plate doesn’t look terribly appealing (just doesn’t appear fresh to me!), but Tom seemed to enjoy most of it. He said his favorite was the grape leaves (item furthest left below), and his least favorite was the Patitsio.

Parthenon on Urbanspoon

Cupcake Station

We are becoming Cupcake Station addicts! After dinner Tom grabbed a What’s Up Doc, and I got a mini for myself (partly because Tom ordered the last regular size carrot cake cupcake, and partly because I only wanted a mini anyways!). Amazing, as always! 🙂

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